Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year!

You probably thought I abandoned you again. You needn't have worried. I just took a brief holiday break. I've been reading like mad this month and lucky for (all three of) you not all of them were for the review site. Which means I can review them here! There's still at least one more Blaze, a pair of paranormal fictions, I'm about to start books five and six in the Cal Leandros series, and I think another romance and general fiction book, too. So if any of that interests you, please stay tuned. Most of those reviews should be posted throughout January.

One of my goals (I rarely use the term "resolution") for 2011 is to keep up with this blog. Do I think anyone reads it? Nope. But, I'm going to continue it anyway. There might be one person out there reading my reviews and actually using them to help in their book purchasing decisions. If that's true, color me shocked. But it could happen! I'm starting off with 3 reviews a month as a minimum. Just so I don't get overwhelmed and nervous about it. Anyway, look out for those reviews within the next few weeks. If you're ever at all curious about what I'm currently reading, my Good Reads page is a great place to find out.

With that said, I am wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have fun and be safe.

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