Monday, December 13, 2010

ace is wild.

Vivi Foster is a psychic who ends up saving former FBI/current lawyer Daniel Pierce's life. As someone who doesn't believe in anything but facts, Daniel thinks Vivi has some other way of knowing about the attempts on his life. While dodging multiple murder attempts, viviv and Daniel run around the city trying to figure out who is trying to kill him and why.

Ace is Wild is not the best romantic suspense I've ever read, but it's not the worst. The investigation parts were fine, but the romance was lacking. I was far more interested in who was orchestrating the hits than I was on what was going on between the two main characters. The sex scenes were just okay and I didn't really believe the ending. That said, it was enough for me to want to give Penny McCall anothet shot. I wouldn't recommend this book to someone unfamiliar with her work. I plan on getting my hands on Tag, You're It and making my decision about her writing then.

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