About Cee

Just the facts:
  • Virgo! I'm almost a textbook virgo. ;D
  • FLORIDA GATOR! Marylander by birth, Gator by the grace of God. I simply adore my alma mater, the University of Florida. Though I received a master's degree at the University of Georiga, Florida is and always has been the school of my heart. My degrees are in Sport Management.
  • I absolutely adore football. While I prefer professional football, I watch every Gator game I can. (I also enjoy tennis, hockey, and action sports.)
  • I'm trying to learn how to bake. So far, I can make peanut butter cookies, cinnamon sugar cookies, apple turnovers, and profiteroles. I am always on the lookout for baking cookbooks with easy recipes and loads of pictures (so I can see what the results should look like).
  • And clearly, I looooove books! While the majority of my reading material is romance and chick lit, I love to read books that have been made into movies (then going to see the movies and stating to anyone who will listen that the book was better - since it usually is).
More about me and books: