Monday, January 3, 2011

hero at large.

Most readers know Janet Evanvoich from the Stephanie Plum series, not from her romances. In the late 80s and early 90s, she wrote romances under a different name and, thanks to the popularity of her current books, they have been re-issued. Here at Large is one of those titles. Chris Nelson is a former competitive ice skater who now teaches while raising her young daughter. When her car breaks down on the side of the road, a ruggedly handsome man comes to her aid and she ends up breaking his arm. Over the course of the story with another broken bone tossed in, the two fall in love. Everything is great until Chris finds out that Ken's been hiding something from her.

This is actually my second attempt at reading an Evanovich romance and it will be my last. There is so much I didn't like about this story. It is written only from Chris' POV which bothers me when reading romances. The addition of Aunt Edna is clearly meant for humor, but fell far short of that. Instead, the character seemed fake and forced into it. Chris and Ken are in love with each other about 50 or so pages in and pretty much coast along until she finds out his Big Secret. There was practially no character development in this book, especially with Ken. It was just bland, boring, and a waste of my time. I could've been reading a good book!

However, I can see people liking it. Evanovich has a strong fan base who appear to not notice what seems to me to be a complete lack of improvement in her writing and storytelling abilities. Those two reasons are why I stopped reading the Plum series at book nine. If you liked her other romances, I'm sure this is just more of the same and you'll probably enjoy it. Same goes if you don't like her other ones. Don't bother with this one, it doesn't get better.

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