Tuesday, August 30, 2011

with no remorse.

His quiet vacation in the Peruvian Andes turns deadly when a Black Ops, Inc. operative rescues a stunning stranger from a mysterious train robbery and discovers she’s the target of a vengeful manhunt.


For Luke Colter, down time is an illusion. He should know better than to ever leave his gun behind. Especially since he risks his life to save world-famous supermodel Valentina.

Val thought traveling incognito through the mountains would be the perfect cure for her bruised heart . . . until someone tries to kill her. Without knowing who is after her—and why—does she dare trust her irresistible protector?

Luke’s elite military training offers little defense against his feelings for Val. When his BOI team links her ruthless enemy to the cutthroat global weapons trade—and to a man from her troubled past—he’ll do anything to save her. So when Val offers herself as bait, will he make the right call . . . or surrender to the hold she has on his heart?

I love Luke. And part of me wants to leave the review at that one sentence. I'm not quite sure what it was, but I definitely developed some for real feelings for Luke while reading this book. Doc is pretty fantastic and that's it.

If you read the series, you'll remember what happened to Luke in the last book. He's still dealing with his feelings and such from that experience in this one. He's just about to start working for Black Ops, Inc. (BOI) again when he ends up helping Valentina escape and evade mercenaries. Most of the story is their escape and Luke trying to get her to BOI HQ, with a few glimpses of the bad guy who's in charge of the people after her. The problem is that her predicament didn't really seem like it fit into a bigger picture. Maybe it wasn't supposed to? Aside from that, I liked it. Cindy Gerard did a good job of focusing on the couple while they were on a run in a way that didn't make you think "Uh, shouldn't they be focusing on staying alive?!" That's a hard balance and often takes a vet, such as Gerard, to accomplish it.

As an aside, I thought it was adorable that Luke had a crush on Valentina that dated back to his teen years.

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