Monday, August 29, 2011


A reckless adventure in a deadly paradise.

Thrill seekers Zakary and Gideon Stark travel the globe in search of extreme adventure, but a trip to Venezuela to jump off the world’s highest falls catapults them into a perilous game of life or death—where they don’t know the rules.

A one-night stand that will change his life forever.

Kidnapped with a woman Zak knows nothing about, the brothers are held prisoner deep in the jungle. A risky, deathdefying escape separates them and nearly claims Zak’s life . . . until his recovery reveals a baffling new sixth sense.

An unexpected diversion with lethal consequences.

Now, to find his missing brother, Zak and the mysterious Acadia Gray will have to out-smart, out-gun, and out-maneuver not just the brutal kidnappers but also a new player who joins the adrenaline game: a ruthless opponent who wants the Stark brothers dead—at any cost.

Like a said, good book luck! I've actually had this one sitting in my TBR for a couple months. In my mind, I didn't want to read it. Now having done so, I see that I was thinking crazy thoughts and wasted time!

Cherry Adair did quite a good job with this one, even with Zak's weird sixth sense. Which, since I'm starting with that, was totally and completely unnecessary. I was left wondering if she added it just so that the book could be considered paranormal in some way? I have no idea, and honestly, that special ability of his was take it or leave it for me. Otherwise, fine holiday fun.

As is the case with so many of our favorite heroes, Zak is wounded with a hard heart due to a previous woman. Now, he lives his life footloose, fancy free, and with a possible death wish. That is, until he finds himself in a position where he has to play hero to save his life, his brother's life, and new lover Acadia's as well. Instead of giving Zak a woman who was born with steel in her spine, Adair gives him Acadia - a woman who had never had any adventure up to this point. She's recently won the lottery, wants to do something different, and coerced by her friends, ends up in Venezuela. Despite her lack of experience, she becomes an asset invaluable to their efforts to get out of the country alive. What happens at the end was a surprise to me and I cherish those moments since so much seems predictable these days.

Apparently, this is a trilogy. I have no idea who the next two books will be about and I'm going to exercise serious restraint and not look it up.

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