Sunday, March 6, 2011

burning up.

As much as I love contemporary romance, I never find myself reading Susan Andersen. I’ve only read one of her other books (Coming Undone), but I thought it was decent enough. I had some store credit at a used book store and found this one there. There’s no risk in it, since I didn’t really pay for it. And honestly, I’m glad it didn’t cost me much.

The premise sounded promising enough. Small town girl made good returns to said small town to help her cousin and snub her nose at the people she left behind. Gabe is a firefighter insisting on dating nice girls only. They try to ignore their attraction to each other, but it doesn’t work.

The major issue here is that there is a lack of feeling and emotions. The sexual chemistry between Macy and Gabe is obvious. I got that easily. But I cannot imagine at what point these characters actually fell in love with each other.

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