Wednesday, January 26, 2011

here to stay.

Mandy Pajeck had a tough childhood. Now 28, she feels responsible for the accident that took her younger brother's sight. But his complete reliance on her care is making them both miserable. When she meets handsome Zach Harrigan and his mini guide horse, she thinks she's found the ticket to her brother's happiness-and maybe her own.

Get ready, because this is not going to be pleasant... much like the book. This has got to be one of the most boring books I've read in quite some time. Absolutely, positively boring. Just a yawnfest.

The first problem was that it reads like a general fiction novel instead of a romance. There was so much focus and attention paid to Mandy and her brother and Zach and his training that the relationship suffered for it. Mandy's brother is a complete and utter brat who magically changes his ways and still annoyed me.

It's pretty sad that Catherine Anderson's books have gotten this bad. I truly enjoyed most of the books in the Coulter stories with the exception of Tucker's story. And surprise, surprise, Tucker's wife's family is the focus of the new series. I am so glad that not only did I NOT pay for this, but it was not required for me to review this for a website. Because the only good thing I can say about it was that I liked Zach. That's it!

I can't imagine anyone liking this book, really. I'm not the only one who feels like this. I read the reviews on Good Reads and the few of us who got early copies of this novel feel the same. Anderson's writing is lacking and the book is dull.

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