Saturday, June 4, 2011

desires of a perfect lady.

A Secret list of the Desires of Lady Olivia Rathbourne
1) Disregard convention
2) Follow my heart
3) Bed the Earl of Wyldewood

A decade ago, Olivia had expected to marry the Earl of Wyldewood, only to have happiness stolen from her before his ring could be placed upon her finger. Now, he stands before her, as proud and arrogant and handsome as ever, vowing to rescue her. Well, he’s got some nerve turning up after all these years. Where was he when she needed him?

As for the Earl, scandal has never touched him nor has impropriety ever besmirched his name. But his penchant for doing the expected does have his family calling him, well, dull. Isn’t it time to flaunt society’s conventions and do what he’s always wanted? And first on his list: Olivia in his bed—with or without a wedding.
Another historical, yippee! This time will be better, I promise. I truly am sorry about that last one. All I can do is apologize!

This is not my first Victoria Alexander, and it won't be my last. It doesn't surpass my favorite Alexander (A Visit from Sir Nicholas), but it's still good. I picked it up in a UBS a couple days ago and used it to jump back into reading. (I am so very behind my reading goal on GoodReads it's embarrassing, really.)

What the blurb doesn't tell you is that Olivia has to turn to Sterling to help fulfill the requirements of her late husband's will. The best parts between the two of them happen on their adventure. Alexander turns Sterling into this fantastic man on the trip and I absolutely loved him. And Olivia wasn't too bad either. In Desires..., I liked the whole cast of characters - from Sterling's mother and the brief glimpses of his brothers (I've got to get my hands on their stories) to Josiah, the solicitor who joined Olivia and Sterling on their trip.

With this one under my belt, I shall now tackle my ever-growing TBR pile. Look for a bit more variety in the upcoming reviews, my friends.

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