Friday, June 17, 2011

alien in the family.

Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt and the Alpha Centaurian she loves, Jeff Martini, should be finalizing their wedding plans. But that was before she discovers Jeff is in line to become Emperor back on his home world. Kitty knows she is everything a royal family wouldn't approve of, and is bracing herself for the worst. As it turns out, the royal family is just the beginning. Especially when extraterrestrial Amazonian terrorists are determined to start and end Kitty and Jeff's nuptial festivities with a bang.
Kitty, Jeff, Christopher, and crew are back again. Jeff and Kitty are planning their wedding at a snail's pace and while doing so discover that Jeff is a descendent of the royal family of Alpha Centauri. And they want him to come back and rule.

The entire book is full of the usual Kitty shenanigans and that's not a bad thing at all. though I didn't like this one as much as the first of the series, it was still pretty good. As with the previous two, it's not so much the story that sells this series, but the characters. They're amazing. Gini Koch uses this one to reveal more about the AC home planet. Quite interesting. There's the big battle scene, emissaries from other planets, the whole shebang. The sweetness of Jeff and Kitty's relationship. Loves it.

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