Saturday, May 7, 2011

a lot like love.

Jordan Rhodes is invited to all of Chicago's best parties, but there's only one the FBI wants to crash. To get her brother out of jail, she agrees to take Agent McCall as her date. But when the mission gets botched, requiring their "relationship" to continue, it starts to feel less like an investigation-and a lot like something else.

I feel like this hardly ever happens anymore. A new author (to me) with a book that I really, truly enjoyed from beginning to end. SCORE!

My first Julie James story can only be described as a delightful, humorous surprise. At a time when most authors are writing romantic suspense that surrounds around a deep dark plot, James pens a novel about two people falling in love who just so happen to be involved in a federal case. Having the majority of the book’s focus on the contemporary romance instead of the case was a refreshing change. I loved the playful language she used for her characters. There were quite a few times where I found myself laughing at loud at the risque wine talk. Jordan and Nick were great characters that I know I would like if they really existed. This one was a joy to read and I cannot believe Julie James managed to slip under my radar. If they previous novels are anything like this, then I am in for a treat.

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