Monday, August 9, 2010

the bikini car wash.

While perusing through a selection of e-books, I came across The Bikini Car Wash by Pamela Morsi. I randomly requested a copy to go along with the romance books I was selecting. And I am so, so glad I did. I absolutely positively loved, loved, loved this book. I had originally intended to read some of it over the course of a few days, but got so into it that I read it in one day. Every time I tried to walk away from the computer, I'd come right back and pull the story up again.

The book is about a young woman (Andi) who returns to her hometown when her mother dies. In the big city, she has a great job, but she can't manage to find one at home. Eventually, with the help of two other unemployed women in town, they come up with the idea to open a car wash with a gimmick - they wash the cars wearing their bikinis.

For me (and I think for most people), it's important that I like the main characters and care about what happens to them. In this book, I liked all of the characters. Though the relationship between Andi and Pete (former high school crush) could have used some work, I didn't mind too much because I knew it wasn't really the focus of the book. I also could have done without the sidebar of Andi's father Walt and his relationship. What I enjoyed most was what I believe the point of the book was - Andi and how she transitions and changes into a new life. How she learns that some things in her life weren't the way she'd always believed them to be and how she moves on from there. Andi was definitely the most defined of the characters and, as a reader, I wanted her to do well and figure how to deal with the changes in her life.

All that said, I just liked the book. Truly, thoroughly enjoyed it. I've actually got my eye on another one or two of Morsi's book because of how great I thought this one was.

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